Artistic Director

Choreographer, Ballet Mistress, Ballet Instructor to the Company & Apprentice, Partnering, Pointe, Pirouette, & Chasse classes.



School Director

Director of the School of Dramatic Dance, Communications, & Leadership Team. 



Instructor & Public Relations Team

Public Relations, & Ballet Instructor to Fouette', Echappe', Guy's Classes. 



Production Director

Director of Performances, Development, Story-lining & Choreography.




Contemporary, Pointe Assistant, and Ballet Instructor to the Company/Apprentice.



Instructor & Choreographer

Choreographer & Ballet Instructor to Company, Apprentice, Partnering, Echappe', Fouette', Jete', & Guys Class.




Ballet Instructor to Jete', Arabesque, & Degage' classes. 



Instructor's Assistant

Ballet Assistant for Guys' Class


Conditioning Instructor

Movement Therapy and Conditioning for Levels Fouette', Echappe', Company, Apprentice, & Guy's Class




Ballet Instructor to Chasse' and Releve' classes. 



Costume Mistress

Costume Team Leader & Assistant Designer. 


Yoga Instructor

Yoga & Conditioning for Levels Fouette', Echappe', Company, Apprentice, & Guy's Class.




Ballet Instructor to Pirouette, Arabesque, & Chasse classes. 



Public Relations Team

Social Media, Website, & Advertising.




Ballet Instructor to Releve' & Bour'ree classes. 



Costume Design

Katrina Hinds - Costume Designer




Ballet Instructor to Bour'ree & Dégagé classes.


Instructor's Assistant

Ballet Instructor Assistant to Releve' & Degage' classes. 

Instructor Bios


When God speaks there is motion.” I will never forget that statement. It helped me understand the deeper reason for why I love to dance. Dancing allows me, along with all creation, to participate in the motion God is initiating.  I am learning my part in the Creator’s grand dance of LIFE.

 My story is not typical (having started ballet training at age seventeen), but it is filled with proof that God takes things that look impossible and brings them to life. I never dreamed that God would bring the choreography of full-length story ballets, numerous Winter Performances, and recitals out of my heart and onto a stage. I am in awe of where He has led! I initially trained with Naomi Campbell Widelski and Ballet Lubbock (1999-2003). I was honored to be a trainee with Ballet Magnificat!, and was also an instructor in their lower School of the Arts (2004-2007). I have been blessed to learn from so many gifted teachers from several countries and am so grateful for the skills and life lessons that I've gained from each of them. I have now been teaching and choreographing for over seventeen years. Looking ahead, I am excited to see how God will move and reveal Himself through Christ in the Arts. I deeply value each student, family member, staff member, council member etc. We all have vital role in the glorious dance that God is preparing for us this year!


Kevin began his dance training with CITA in 2007 under the instruction of Lara Hinds, Rachel Butts, and David Hinds. He has advanced his training by attending many CITA Summer Workshops and was blessed to attend Ballet Magnificat!'s 2016 Summer Dance Intensive on a scholarship where he trained under the guidance of Jiri Voborsky, Kathy Thibodeaux, John Vandervelde, and several other outstanding instructors. From 2017 to 2019, he has enjoyed working closely with and training under Mark Leber. Kevin is grateful for the opportunity to work as a CITA instructor for the Guys' program and intermediate and advanced ballet technique, and he has enjoyed assisting Lara Hinds in ballet and choreography for recent CITA productions. Kevin is a 2017 homeschool graduate and is attending Texas Tech University for Mechanical Engineering. 


Grace began dancing with Christ in the Arts when she was five years old and is now a Company member. She has attended the CITA workshops, Ballet Magnificat!’s 2016 Summer Dance Intensive, and Ballet Magnificat!’s 2018 Teacher Workshop. Grace has had the privilege of playing many different roles including Mary in Epic, the Mother of the Teenager in Unseen, and the Spirit in Reborn. She also has performed in Christ in the Arts’ A Tale of the Kingdom - The Musical and Journey to the High Places. Grace loves how much the community of Christ in the Arts helps her remember who she truly is in Jesus and the community of accepting and loving people. She has had the honor of teaching levels Bourree all the way through Company, and as a CITA teacher, Grace’s main goal is to remind each student of how loved they are as well as the truth of their identities in Christ.  She strives to push each student to own their growth by working them to the best of their ability. Grace knows what an honor it is to get to teach each student and loves seeing the light of Jesus in each one.  Grace is happily married to Zach Maldonado and is finishing her degree at Lubbock Christian University as an Early Childhood Education Major.


Holly began dancing with Christ in the Arts in 2003 when she was four years old. She is very grateful for the instruction and mentorship from every single teacher she has had: Sara Bohn (Hinds), Lara Hinds, Rachel Butts (Hinds), Anna Hinds, Natanya Ridley, Naomi Campbell Widelski, David Hinds, and Mark Leber. Through the fantastic guidance of each teacher and plenty of hard work, Holly was asked to be a Company member in 2011. Holly had the privilege of attending the 2017 Ballet Magnificat! Summer Dance Intensive, where she trained under fabulous, professional instruction for four weeks. Holly’s dream of teaching ballet became a reality in 2017; she absolutely adores each opportunity to pour into students’ lives just as her teachers have done for her. In 2018, Holly was provided the opportunity to return to Ballet Magnificat! for teacher training where she received fabulous insight into what makes a good ballet instructor. Holly was given the title of Public Relations Director at CITA in 2018, and she has loved interacting with the Lubbock community in order to promote CITA. Holly is currently a full-time college student at Texas Tech University where she is studying English and Communication Studies. She cannot thank God enough for everything He has done in her life through Christ in the Arts and she looks forward to this next semester with great joy and hope!


My name is Jubilee Grace Caldwell Cotton. I am a junior communications major at Lubbock Christian University. I started ballet at Christ In The Arts when i was twelve years old in the level Arabesque! I have been a ballet teacher for a little over three years now and have loved being able to praise Jesus through that as well! I am a published author, and i am in the process of finishing my second book. When I’m not doing homework or ballet, I like to stretch, read books, write, listen to music, and spend time with family and friends! 


Hannah has been dancing for seven years and a part of CITA since the age of eleven. She recently joined the Company last winter and has loved every bit of the challenge. Hannah has attended many CITA Summer Workshops and a two-week Ballet Magnificat SDI. She loved playing “The Woman Healed by Jesus” in Reborn, and it has been one of her favorite productions for a long time, along with Unseen.  Hannah absolutely loves to dance and especially enjoys teaching the younger girls and guys. She also loves to play piano, guitar, and ukulele and to fellowship with friends and family in her free time. She just graduated high school and is planning to attend college in the fall of 2019 to complete her basics. Her heart is to reach out to the shy little girls who long to dance and encourage them to break free in confidence because she was once a shy, scared little girl as well


Trenity is currently a student at Texas Tech University and is pursuing a degree in Animal Science. She has been at Christ In the Arts since she was nine and is currently going into her ninth year dancing here. This is her first year teaching and is greatly looking forward to it. 


Jared Danforth started dancing with Christ in the Arts in 2011 and worked his way up to Company in the Spring semester of 2018. Jared has also attended CITA's summer workshops. Jared received a scholarship to attend the Ballet Magnificat! Summer Dance Intensive in 2016 where he performed a piece from Deliver Us. Jared joined the teaching staff as a Teacher's Assistant in the Spring semester of 2019, assisting Mr. Kevin with the Guys' class. He has enjoyed helping the younger guys in dance and fellowship. 

“I love the fellowship and friendship CITA has brought to me as well as the ability to praise and worship the Lord through dance. Christ in the Arts has changed me from a young and shy boy into a powerful young man full of emotion and expression, ready to serve the Lord."


Chloe began dancing under the instruction of Yvonne Racz at Ballet Lubbock at the age of 3. She then joined Christ in the Arts to further her ballet training. She’s currently a member of the company and instructor in training. She has attended the Summer Dance Intensive at Ballet Magnificat! in Jackson, MS under the instruction of Kathy Thibodeaux, workshops with Doxa Dance Ministry in Amarillo, TX, and has been taught by professional guest instructors at Christ in the Arts. When Chloe’s not dancing she enjoys photography, calligraphy, and traveling. Dance is a form of worship for Chloe, where she can express her heart. She hopes to not only teach the technique of ballet, but also teach her students more about Jesus and push them further into Christ’s love.


Kaitlyn began her dance training with Christ in the arts 13 years ago at only 4 years of age. Her love of dance and desire to perform with company was fulfilled when she was asked to join them in 2020. She has been so very blessed by all of her time spent at CITA and all of the relationships created. Kaitlyn loves to dance and show Jesus' Love through movement. As a young girl Kaitlyn was very shy and scared. Her heart while beginning her teaching journey is to show her students Jesus' love as well as to reach out to those shy students and encourage them to have the confidence needed to break free in there dancing!



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