When do CITA classes meet?  Most classes are held weekday afternoons after school.  Earlier classes are available for those who homeschool or attend a private school that has an earlier dismissal time.  We avoid Saturday or Sunday classes. (During performance season, we add Monday night rehearsals as needed.)

At what age can a child begin classes?  Generally, we start students when they are four years old.  But we work with parents to determine when students are developmentally ready to stay focused in a one-hour class.    

Do you offer classes other than ballet?  No, our classes are ballet classes.  We do offer Intermediate and Advanced Contemporary as an elective class for older students.  

Can parents observe classes?  Yes!  All three studios have windows through which classes can be observed.  

How many students are there in each class?  Most classes have fifteen or fewer students. For larger classes, a

Teacher’s Assistant is added.

How are class placement decisions made?  Based on the information we receive from your interview, our Artistic Director will decide which skill level would most appropriate for your child.  For more advanced students, an audition may be requested.

When do class promotions happen?  Evaluations are scheduled at the end of each semester though we do not hesitate to make class level changes anytime during the year as is appropriate, the exception being when choreography is being set for performances.

What is the cost? Tuition is based on how advanced the class is, and the number of studio hours is involved.  As of 2020, monthly tuition fees range from $65 - $210 per month.  The only fee beyond tuition is the $100 Semester Fee which is the same for all students, and is received at the beginning of each semester. 

Are scholarships available?  Yes!  We do not want anyone to miss out because of financial hardship.  Often families can offset a portion of the tuition cost by doing some volunteer work around the studio.  Information about scholarships can be obtained from the CITA Administrator.


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